The Residents

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 2300 miles off the coast of Chile, a weathered assortment of granite effigies about seven feet in length lay scattered throughout around the coastline, like chesspieces uplifted and scattered from a grand chessboard.  All that remains of a sophisticated civilization that once supported not only upwards of 15,000 people, but at least 21 species of trees, 31 now-extinct species of land/nesting sea birds and a complex, unknowable culture [1].  Its tools and files which carved the tuff and red scoria remain unused in the stone quarries where the moai were constructed. Left behind, gone fishin’.

Far afield, the sultry fields of Batria capture the illimitable light of Ahura Mazda.  Within the caves of initiation, the Magi novitiate scrambles through the first, then the second, of seven vessels to obtain enlightenment.  One is attacked by griffins, tigers and predators both actual and mythic in one. In another, one encounters the rattle of thunder and lightning from an obscure, subterranean source.  The third, however, bears an even greater surprise: a well-lit and commodious interior, swelling with the scents of jasmine, filled with the music of the spheres.  Many eventually moved beyond to seek illumination elsewhere.  However, a handful came to stay.

From the apex of Chichen Itza to the underground caves of Salsette, one can see what they saw, what a select few moved towards as their own cities crumbled under the weight of an unsustainable way of life.  A temporary edifice, soldered together by the uncontrollable tensions of civilizations on the brink of collapse.  A storehouse, containing the mysteries of a thousand disappeared tribes, nations and cultures.  A cubic nexus, a mesh of planes.  Carbon fiber bound.  A hidden knowledge, concealed within the folds of its geometry.

And there it is.  Open for business, yet again, beckoning those with the vision to see it.  The Lost Hotel is an experience constructed not only of its permanent crew and staff, but also those who check into it.  We pop up throughout the world’s most intriguing places in order to pierce your own inner mystery.  And then we disappear, preserving all that deserves to survive from any life’s experience, be it individual or collective.

Are you ready?




-Confiscated from the offices of Joseph Coribantes Executive Coaching, March, 2032. All other items were found burned

[1] Diamond, Jared, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. New York: Viking Penguin. 2005. pp. 103-4