Baby wipes are things from the past.

I’ve never seen a baby wipe made from ingredients I desire.  I don’t like to put strange chemicals onto my skin.  I don’t like the cold temperature of a wet baby wipe on my skin.  I don’t like the smell baby wipes leave on my skin.  So, I’ve been forced to design a shower that takes the place of baby wipes.   My goal is to use the least amount of water, yet stay warm, and make break down as easy as possible.

It was a simple task when I was only thinking about me. But then everyone in camp wanted to use the shower. Then, everyone next door to camp wanted to use the shower. Then, there was a line and I had no idea who was using the shower. It suxs when its my turn to shower and the water is gone!

I wish I could offer showers to everyone, but the water is too finite, and there is no place to store a endless amount of grey water.  So the next best thing would be for you to buy a Lost Hotel shower system, allowing you to make baby wipes a thing of the past in your camp too!