Postcards from a far

2 years ago, Foxy escorted a strange character into the Lost Hotel.  She convinced us to feed him, shower him, even give him a place to sleep.  No one knows where he comes from, or where he’s gone.   This was a post card we received from him.  The writing was mostly illegible, so I’ve transcribed it as best I could.  No return address, no phone number.

“I been lookin’ everwhare’s for Foxy! whare is that woman?  Please tell her it was love at first glance……them perfect titties looked me right in the eyes & I knew she was the one & I told her she was foxy & she said, “Why yes Ricky Bobby, I am” & that was that.  Hopen this postcard gets to them friends of hers at that funny tent hotel, well even ifin’ thay’s all a little weird & wear them freaky hats n’ all kinda shit, thay sure is kinda cool too. & now thay know howta party the Ricky Bobby way, so hell! May be we’re friends for life & what happens at the hotel, best be stayin’ at the hotel – Suga in the gas tank!”

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  • Foxy

    Jheeze, why didn’t he leave any contact info.? If anyone sees him, send him my way.