What the node?

Who in their right mind would build an 8′ node; then burn it?  This was the first of many experiments in understanding how Gregg’s node would behave in The Lost Hotel.  The challenge was to see if we could assemble an 8 foot version of his ingenious design.  It took about 10 people, a forklift, & slings to slide the node together.

The team did it.  The node worked as designed.  The first 8 foot node ever assembled, and what better way to celebrate this accomplishment then burning it, as if it never existed in the first place.

The occasion was early burn, at the 2013 Burning Man event.  Early Burn?  What’s that you ask?

Well, some of the Lost Hotel crew helped Gregg build his Temple of Wholeness in 2013.  Before the gates open there are a lot of pre-ceremonies that happen.  Remind me to tell you about it next time we are eating diner together, as well as what kind of power an 8′ node has on people.