The Journey Is The Imagination


“Perched atop of a world of one’s own construction, every view is scenic. It’s just what I’ve been saying all along! It’s like that first moment of freedom you exhaled just after exiting the womb? Can you remember, how long did it last for you, in that moment of initial birth? One night? An hour? A few seconds? It was forgotten so quickly, and all that was remembered was the tears that have flowed ever since. However long it lasted, you have never forgotten it and have longed to return, wherever it might be in the world. Because no matter who you are, it is there where the answers to any problem or difficulty you’re faced exists.

“I rushed downstairs to the bar area, where the other guests were taking their libations. I spoke to the raw bartender to share my insights with him. He told me: “Well, welcome, then, to the Lost Hotel, an immersive hotel theatre for creative and spiritual liberation. We have them all here: technology evangelists (I asked him just what these people were, but I could not stop his train of thought), frustrated professionals, aspiring artists, college kids, thrillseekers, sexual renegade or just self-defined ordinary individuals looking to expand one’s boundaries of who they are. We service the most anomalous of experiences for the experiential travel mindset, resetting one’s minds and possibilities from the bottom up, and have an unforgettably awesome time doing it. Don’t worry; we’re good at this.’

“From there, the effects of my liquor took shape in front of me and… well, the rest can only be conveyed from here, viewing the twin towers of Amirint from above, and all of human history below, all from the comfort of my room here. If you are lucky, Genevieve, perhaps you will join me here one day.

“Until then, I remain yours,


—Taken from the last known communications of Diego Barrancos, missing as of 4/5/1932