Journey Inward

The barge, no longer owned by Jabba, sails across the scorched earth, far afield from the earthquakes rattling the coastline. It is part of a fleet of atmospheric transports moving ostensibly towards a music festival, this one heading somewhere else instead.  Its owner, Adam notices it, as he has just put his child to sleep in the forward bunk, and speaks into the atmospheric transport’s console:


Its response:

“Name any modern-day festival.  At each one, it is artistry and creativity that brings people to remote locales in otherwise inhospitable climates, year after year.  However, the focus has often been placed on the headliners and their attendant starpower, which obscures the paramount importance of a self-aware audience and an environment co-created by both the promoters, the audience and the headliners.  Within that space is contained everything a human being could possibly want.  A million appetites can be fulfilled, all at once, and just as many temptations beckon.  An entire generation of young people will do whatever it takes to plug into that environment once it can be reliably conjured by a festival’s organizers.

“So we will be taking you, and a few others, to the Lost Hotel instead.  Its proprietors have spent the entirety of their professional lives creating these environments both independently and as part of larger projects. The Lost Hotel serves as a cubist container of all they and the resident artists have learned from their time as lifelong participants and devotees to a culture based on the liberation of the human imagination. Whether it’s a weeklong living theater piece where guests and residents alike take roles in an ongoing role-playing narrative, “Dare-apy” sessions designed to confront and move guests away from the fears and societal programming that thwarts them from realizing their hidden potential or tech-enabled ritual towards our own co-created forms of salvation, ours is an intimate, customizable experience which condenses the lessons of our culture’s most potent gatherings into the peak moments which more than compensate for the price of admission.

“They prefer not to think in terms of ‘vibe’ – that’s too imprecise, and leaves too much up to chance. Rather, it is gnosis that accounts, in its lowest form of impact, for the staying power of most festivals and gatherings. It is gnosis that informs all of the activities that bond both resident, proprietor and guest of the Lost Hotel into a bright, glowing nexus, complete and free within itself. And it is a gnosis that will revivify you long after you check out – if you ever do.”

Behind them, a city crumbles within view of the stern.

He says, 帶我到那兒。

It will be our little secret, the Barge tells him

And he smiles.

June 21, 2022