I make modular things for camping.

Baby wipes are things from the past.

I’ve never seen a baby wipe made from ingredients I desire.  I don’t like to put strange chemicals onto my skin.  I don’t like the cold temperature of a wet baby wipe on my skin.  I don’t like the smell baby wipes leave on my skin.  So, I’ve been forced to design a shower that takes the place of baby wipes.   My goal is to …

What the node?

Who in their right mind would build an 8′ node; then burn it?  This was the first of many experiments in understanding how Gregg’s node would behave in The Lost Hotel.  The challenge was to see if we could assemble an 8 foot version of his ingenious design.  It took about 10 people, a forklift, & slings to slide the node together. The team did it.  The node …

To get the perfect photo put a pair of blue blockers in front of your lens.