The Party’s Over

  • Are you there, Genevieve?
  • Yes! Yes, Duchess! Finally, you come to me! Soon, they will bury me in a pauper’s grave, as they did you and your sisters. Only now, do you speak to me. But of what?
  • Where you will be, soon enough – Lost.
  • Yes, I am lost already. What of it?
  • You do not follow. We speak to you from a temporary hotel, a experimental coliving space built around the core concepts of Creativity, Communion and Neotribalism. Like any good hotel, the Lost Hotel provides ample opportunity for leisure and revelry, but unlike Outward Bound, the Appalachian Trail or other experiential excursions favored by the Americans, The Lost Hotel offers its clientele membership into the mysteries of its lifetime residents, a society where the secret bestowed is unique to each and every one of our guests. But let us make a guarantee to you: you won’t leave us without one.
  • Transmission received from “The Dutchess”, October 23rd, 2001.