6 course meal, upstairs?

The Lost Hotel dinning table materialized from the dust.  It attracted those who wanted to be served, and those who wanted to serve.  However, it was difficult to see who was the master and who was the servant.

The Lost Hotel glorified the event by constructing a proper stage elevated 10 feet above, where the seats overlook the traditional tent roof line below.  The dinning table would be like no other; accessible only by climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor.  It sits in plain sight for all to see – so there is no doubt which roll was occupied by you.

Then Luca & Stef appeared; forever changing the dynamic of the Lost Hotel dinning table.  The master has done his job if he is felt but never seen.

Now the question remains.  How many courses does it take before your ego melts into nothingness… or, is your stomach fighting for you to remain?

 So, lets have a raffle!

– a raffle?

To share this experience with everyone The Lost Hotel will raffle two seats at The Lost Hotel dinning table at every meal.  Everyday we invite you into a culture of what’s impossibly possible.  Come to the lobby anytime – day or night – to enter your name into our golden raffle drum.

We pull names nightly at 8PM sharp!  You must be present to win.

— look for the gold raffle drum.