Time in a Cube


A cube is a 3-dimensional “blank canvas” stuck in space and time. Upon entering, the effects surround one’s being in a wholeness that calls on all 5 senses, yet evokes emotions and memory in a non-linear way. The medium is not flat, more like a substrate of emotion that can be colored by its occupant however they feel with details that subtly push & pull …

Journey Inward


The barge, no longer owned by Jabba, sails across the scorched earth, far afield from the earthquakes rattling the coastline. It is part of a fleet of atmospheric transports moving ostensibly towards a music festival, this one heading somewhere else instead.  Its owner, Adam notices it, as he has just put his child to sleep in the forward bunk, and speaks into the atmospheric transport’s console: 你要帶我嗎? Its response: “Name any modern-day festival.  At …

The Party’s Over

  • Are you there, Genevieve?
  • Yes! Yes, Duchess! Finally, you come to me! Soon, they will bury me in a pauper’s grave, as they did you and your sisters. Only now, do you speak to me. But of what?
  • Where you will be, soon enough – Lost.
  • Yes, I am lost already. What of it?
  • You do not follow. We speak to you from a temporary hotel, a experimental coliving space built around the core concepts of Creativity, Communion and Neotribalism. Like any good hotel, the Lost Hotel provides ample opportunity for leisure and revelry, but unlike Outward Bound, the Appalachian Trail or other experiential excursions favored by the Americans, The Lost Hotel offers its clientele membership into the mysteries of its lifetime residents, a society where the secret bestowed is unique to each and every one of our guests. But let us make a guarantee to you: you won’t leave us without one.
  • Transmission received from “The Dutchess”, October 23rd, 2001.

Baby wipes are things from the past.

047_shower time

I’ve never seen a baby wipe made from ingredients I desire.  I don’t like to put strange chemicals onto my skin.  I don’t like the cold temperature of a wet baby wipe on my skin.  I don’t like the smell baby wipes leave on my skin.  So, I’ve been forced to design a shower that takes the place of baby wipes.   My goal is to …

Postcards from a far

Ricky  Bobby_02_nashville

2 years ago, Foxy escorted a strange character into the Lost Hotel.  She convinced us to feed him, shower him, even give him a place to sleep.  No one knows where he comes from, or where he’s gone.   This was a post card we received from him.  The writing was mostly illegible, so I’ve transcribed it as best I could.  No return address, no phone number. “I …

6 course meal, upstairs?


The Lost Hotel dinning table materialized from the dust.  It attracted those who wanted to be served, and those who wanted to serve.  However, it was difficult to see who was the master and who was the servant. The Lost Hotel glorified the event by constructing a proper stage elevated 10 feet above, where the seats overlook the traditional tent roof line below.  The dinning table would …

Hotel of Cards


“So the whole caravansary had fallen in like a card house at the disapproval in her eyes.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby 2014, our prologue begins with the 21st century premiere of the Lost Hotel’s latest incarnation within a complex and precarious version of civilization. We set up shop amongst the fakirs, thrillmongers, fools and geniuses of Black Rock City. Through us and …

The Journey Is The Imagination


Genevieve, “Perched atop of a world of one’s own construction, every view is scenic. It’s just what I’ve been saying all along! It’s like that first moment of freedom you exhaled just after exiting the womb? Can you remember, how long did it last for you, in that moment of initial birth? One night? An hour? A few seconds? It was forgotten so quickly, and …

What the node?


Who in their right mind would build an 8′ node; then burn it?  This was the first of many experiments in understanding how Gregg’s node would behave in The Lost Hotel.  The challenge was to see if we could assemble an 8 foot version of his ingenious design.  It took about 10 people, a forklift, & slings to slide the node together. The team did it.  The node …

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